July 30, 2022

Homes for Sale in Sebastian -and the Closing that (Almost) didn't Happen


Homes for Sale in Sebastian -and the Closing that (Almost) Didn't Happen...

🛫 Attention passengers for flight number #4166 - we’re sorry to inform you that we have a slight departure delay - the new departure time is 10:50 am..

We all know real estate closings are the final steps in the home-buying journey.  Home showings, inspections, and any financing contingencies are out of the way - What else is there to worry about?

💥, here goes the well-laid-out plan to fly from LA in time to arrive in Orlando at noon with plenty of time to make it to the closing in Sebastian at 3 pm.
That was the exact scenario my client was facing yesterday, traveling from CA to FL.
Now, he would arrive in Orlando around 3 pm, fingers crossed.🤞
Now we all know that the speed limit on I95 is merely a suggestion, but no matter how much you channel your inner Mario Andretti 🏎️- there's no way he would make it to Sebastian in time.
🆗 Those are the exact situations that’ll remind you that we’re in the solution business, and there’s always a solution!
Running through a couple of scenarios:
😟Worst case scenario we would have to postpone the closing, which is easy to say, but rather complicated considering that all the lender paperwork would have to be redone, possession time would change, addendums needed, etc.
So, Heather Holt Reeb, representing the seller, and I decided to leave that as the last option …
☎️ Let’s make some phone calls...
🕛 Meanwhile, the buyer and the airline held up their end of the bargain and arrived in Orlando around 3:30 pm - one piece of the puzzle out of the way 🧩- now we have a definite timeline to work with.
🥁 Drum roll, make room - let the real heroes enter the stage… Kerrie Hayes Coleman , the closing agent at Jordan Lulich's office agreed to stay as long as needed in the office to get this done.
The lender rep agreed to stay as long as needed as well to get the deal funded as well, so my buyer can actually get the keys.
😃 Keep in mind it’s Friday night, the weekend ahead, and I owe some people big time!!
👌 Once “Mario Andretti” made it in record time to Sebastian - the closing itself was like any other and over within a blink of an eye.
“Focus on the solution, not on the problem.” Jim Rohn



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July 17, 2022

Sold - Home for Sale in Ft Pierce, FL

Sold - Home for Sale in Ft Pierce, FL


This one was fun.. it isn't too often that a Fort Pierce home for sale like this comes on the market.

Almost 2.5 acres of freedom. Nicely maintained 3 bedroom 2 baths house with a large great room and fireplace, enclosed porch.


Metal roof and high-impact windows. Detached large workshop, two horse barns, and pond. Self-closing electric gate( prev. owner had horses) and incredible landscaped front yard for the ultimate tranquility.


We found the perfect owner who appreciated and will enjoy their slice of one of the unique properties in Ft. Pierce, FL.






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July 16, 2022

New Construction Homes in Port Saint Lucie

New Construction Homes in Port Saint Lucie


Buying a home that still has to be built is a challenge all on its own. Unlike resale homes, there's so much more involved than the " ..do you like the kitchen cabinet?" question.

If the building hasn't started yet, your first stop will be to choose the lot itself. Do you like sunsets or sunrises? Do you want to be further into the subdivision or do you prefer a quick exit?

Be aware that every builder will charge a premium for the more desirable lots in the development.

With that part out of the way - let's talk about models. The two builders my buyer and I visited today in Port Saint Lucie, both had 4 different models to choose from.

Models normally not only differ by size but also by floorplan. Together with the above-mentioned location, those are really the two features of a home that can never be really changed. Take your time here, and in the case of couples, communication is key. There's nothing worse than to find out after the fact that he/she really wanted that 4th bedroom as an office:)

Lastly, be prepared to pay a visit to the so-called "Design Center" each home builder has. That's where you go to choose the different packages and materials. Gourmet kitchen, upgraded counter tops etc. 

It's also the place where quite a few of my real estate clients encountered their first " sticker shock". These packages can add up really quickly and can easily add $50-$100k to the home price.






July 13, 2022

The Perfect Port Saint Lucie Home Buying Experience

Sometimes it's the house that's spectacular, sometimes you meet the nicest people... and then we have this...
The perfect combination of a spectacular Port Saint Lucie house for sale and my buyers who are one of the BEST human beings I've ever had the honor of meeting.👍 not to mention one of the most accomplished pilots alive ✈️ With a resume that's simply mindboggling.
And this is the exact moment where everything comes together in this business - It's never about the property - it's always about the human connection !!
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Oct. 12, 2021

Top Tips on Downsizing With Pets


Image via Unsplash


Top Tips on Downsizing With Pets

Downsizing can be a stressful process. Whether you have a small dog or a furry feline, you'll want to keep your pet's needs in mind as you prepare for a move. Below are some tips for downsizing with pets, courtesy of the Vero Beach Team.

Preparing Your Home

If you're downsizing, you might want to declutter your home before you put it on the market. Think carefully about what you really need and what you can give to others. As much as you might want to, you can't take every piece of furniture or knick-knack with you when you move. Give the items you can't keep a second life by giving them to a friend, donating to a charity for animals, or selling them online. Getting rid of items you don't need also reduces the cost if you decide to hire a moving company.

As you prepare for your move, be aware of pet odors. If your carpets are stained, consider having them professionally cleaned before the house is shown to prospective buyers. 

Find a New Home for You and Your Pet 

Before you begin your new home search, it's important to evaluate your options. Consider things that are most important to you, which may include local dog parks, a good vet, or nearby shopping areas. If you're selling your current home, you might need to look for temporary housing that accepts pets. Alternatively, you might need temporary pet boarding until you can find an appropriate new home for you and your pet.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy and Safe

Before traveling with your pet across the state, be sure it's current with all vaccinations and get a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI). Requirements are different for each state, so check with your vet to be sure you have everything ready. Also, make sure you update collar identification and microchip information before you hit the road.

Moving Day

To make moving easier, consider hiring a team of professional movers. Make sure you’re hiring someone who can do the job; if you’re moving to another state, for example, look for “long distance movers near me" to find pros who are capable of handling this type of move. You should insist on receiving a written estimate before the movers begin packing boxes—never accept an estimate over the phone. You can evaluate moving companies by checking their review scores online. Also, be aware that legitimate movers will need to inspect your home before they can give you an accurate quote.

Keeping Your Pet Happy

If your pet is nervous about the move, take steps to calm them down. Be gentle with it and give it lots of attention. You might consider a pet crate to keep it safe when traveling. Get your pet familiar with the crate before the day of the move. Fill it with your pet's favorite treats, bedding, and favorite chew toy to keep it happy. Also, review local laws and policies, such as leash laws, so you can avoid any problems.

A Stress-Free Adventure

Reduce the stress of your move by getting ready beforehand. Having a plan is a great way to make sure you and your pet will be happy and healthy during the move so you can both enjoy your new adventure.


When looking for your new home, work with the Vero Beach Team to find exactly what you need. Call us today at 772-696-2359 to learn how we can assist you.



July 24, 2021

Hutchinson Island Luxury

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July 23, 2021

Is Now the Time to Buy a House?

More than a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, mortgage rates continue to hover around historic lows which, along with a scarcity of properties and pressure from a spurring millennial class looking to relocate, has caused a massive surge in mortgage applications, propelling home sales to a record 14-year high.


The question remains: is now the time to buy?


Mortgage rates will continue to oscillate between historic lows, but experts predict rates will begin to increase gradually later in year. Lower rates have also led to an increase in mortgage applications, and some lenders have tightened their applications in order to get a hold on things.


The current rise in home prices is likely to go down at some point, making the waiting game a better strategy for someone who isn’t necessarily in need of a new home right now.


If you’re in the market right now, expect fierce competition from other buyers and a stifling inventory that fails to compensate for the incredible demand we’re seeing. However, if you can afford some time, this can be an especially productive time to get your affairs in order prior to beginning the home-buying process.



Mortgages 101


The two most common types of mortgages are 30 and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages. With these types of loans, your interest and monthly payments will remain the same throughout the entirety of the loan. 


For new homebuyers, the main difference between the two is lower rates for 15-year and lower monthly payments for 30-year loans. 


Aside from the two above-mentioned loans, aspiring homeowners can also choose an adjustable-rate mortgage, which fixes your interest and monthly payments during the first few years of the loan, after which the rates will reset at specific intervals, according to the market.


The main advantage of ARMs is that they are considerably cheaper than fixed-rate mortgages, at least for the first few years of the loan, but they can also prove a double-edged sword should interest rates rise during the life of the loan.



Current Mortgage Rates—Where are we headed?


Mortgage rates sunk deep during 2020, igniting a wave of refinance activity and purchases throughout the country. As a result, many people were able to afford homes that were slightly out of budget prior to the low rates.


Beginning in January 2021, rates have started to trend higher week-over-week compared to last year, but experts estimate that the change will be modest if not small, and that we should expect to see it happen over time.


Increased vaccination efforts and government relief packages could even spur more positive activity and lower rates. Even with rising rates, now will still be an advantageous time to refinance or purchase a new home for those who have the willpower and the budget to bid out other buyers.



Factors that Influence Rates


There are a number of economic factors that govern the way mortgage rates fluctuate up and down. 


  1. The Federal Reserve: also known as the “Fed”, the government entity took swift action when the pandemic started and announced plans to keep money moving through the economy by dropping the short-term Federal Fund interest rate to between 0% - 0.25%.
  2. The 10-year Treasury note: mortgage rates move in unison with the yields on the government’s 10-year Treasury notes. Yields dropped below 1% for the first time in March 2020 and have been slowly rising ever since. 
  3. The broader economic apparatus: Unemployment rates and changes to gross domestic product are also important indicators of the overall economy status. When the pandemic started, unemployment rates were up and have yet to recover fully, while GDP also took a hit and has recovered partially. 



There is no universal mortgage rate for everyone. Many different factors in the current market and your personal financial situation will determine your outcome but taking ample time to choose the right lender will help you the most in achieving your desired payments. 

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July 19, 2021

Bigger Home, Better Retirement: Upsizing Is a Smart Choice for Some Seniors


Your retirement is just that — yours. You can make it whatever you want. For some, that means a smaller home with fewer rooms to keep clean. For others, moving into a bigger house with more land is their dream. If you want to spend your golden years surrounded by loved ones making great memories, a homestead may be your best bet.


What’s a homestead?


A homestead has traditionally been thought of as a large farm with a central home and lots of land. But, you don’t have to have 10 or more acres to enjoy a simpler life surrounded by friends and family. Depending on your interests, you can do everything from gardening and beekeeping to running your own home-based business and hosting large family gatherings from an acre or less. Your Vero Beach Team realtor can help you find a home that allows you to take advantage of Florida’s beautiful weather to pursue any type of retirement you could possibly dream of.


Getting Started


Any time you buy or sell a home, your first step is to research what you want and where you can afford it. You’ll need to decide, among other things, how much land you need, how many bedrooms make the most sense, and what, if any, resources you want available on your property.


Something else that deserves your attention here is timing. The real estate market moves quickly, and, if you find the perfect property, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to sell your current home at the same time as buying your new one. If you’ve already accepted an offer on your current property, you may be able to make an offer on the new one and request an extended closing so that you will have cash on your sale to go toward your purchase. Your realtor can help negotiate this process.


Setting Up Shop


Like moving in any home, you’ll have to start with furniture, but having a homestead also means you’ll need to create entertaining space for family and friends, and, likely, you’ll need tools to upkeep your home and participate in your hobbies. One example here is making sure everyone has enough sleeping space. You only have three bedrooms, for example, and need one for a home office, you may need to have a pullout couch or a kids’ room with bunk beds (there are many different types of bunk bed examples on MorningChores.com).


When your retirement also includes running a home-based business, you also want to research Florida LLCs. Forming your LLC is important when buying a new home because it does offer some protection for your personal assets. Keep in mind, especially if you’re moving from one state to the next, that each location will have different regulations forming your business structure. Plan to use the formation service instead of an expensive attorney to ensure your LLC is formed correctly and legally.


When your retirement day finally comes, you do not have to conform to anyone’s ideals. You’ve worked your entire life to do what you want and now is your chance. If you want to enjoy more time with friends and family, having space where you can spend time together might make more sense than moving into a traditional retirement setting. Talk to your realtor about options available in your preferred area, and then let the dreaming begin. When you’re ready to find a property for retirement and beyond, let the Vero Beach Team be your eyes and ears on the ground. (772) 696 2359


March 12, 2021

Is the Real Estate Market Going to Crash?

Is the Real Estate Market Going to Crash?



While many areas of the economy have contracted, the housing market has stayed remarkably strong. But can the good news last?

When COVID-related shutdowns began in March, real estate brokers and clients scrambled to respond to the shift. Record-low interest rates caused some lenders to call a halt to new underwriting, and homeowners debated whether or not to put their houses on the market. However, those first days of uncertainty ushered in a period of unprecedented demand in the U.S. real estate market, which ended the year with increasing average home prices (up 13.4% from the previous year) and shrinking days on market (13 fewer than in 2019).1


Now, as the spring market approaches, you may be wondering whether the good times can continue to roll on. If you’re a homeowner, should you take advantage of this opportunity? If you’re a buyer, should you jump in and risk paying too much? Below we answer some of your most pressing questions.



How is today’s market different from the one that caused the 2008 meltdown?


At the beginning of the pandemic, fears of an economic recession and an ensuing mortgage meltdown were top of mind for homeowners all across the country. For many buyers and sellers, the two seemed to go hand in hand, just as they did in the 2008 economic crisis.


In reality, however, the conditions that led to 2008’s recession were very different from those that triggered the current downturn—and this time, the housing market is the source of much of the good news.2 This is in line with historical patterns, as housing prices traditionally hold steady in the face of recession, with homeowners staying put and investors putting their money into bricks and mortar to ride out uncertainty in the stock market. 


This time around, because of lessons learned in 2008, banks are better funded, homeowners are holding more accrued equity, and, crucially, much of the economic activity is focused on financial factors outside the housing market. As many industries quickly pivoted to work-from-home, early fears of widespread job loss-related foreclosures have failed to materialize. Federal stimulus payments and the Paycheck Protection Program also helped to offset some of the worst early effects of the shutdown.



Are we facing a real estate bubble?


A real estate bubble can occur when there is a rapid and unjustified increase in housing prices, often triggered by speculation from investors. Because the bubble is (in a sense) filled with “hot air,” it pops—and a swift drop in value occurs. This leads to reduced equity or, in some cases, negative equity conditions.


By contrast, the current rise in home prices is based on the predictable results of historically low interest rates and widespread low inventory. Basically, the principle of supply and demand is working just as it’s supposed to do. In addition, experts predict a strong seller’s market throughout 2021 along with increases in new construction.3 This should allow supply to gradually rise and fulfill demand, slowing the rate of inflation for home values and offering a gentle correction where needed.

Effects of low-interest rates

According to Freddie Mac, rates are projected to continue at their current low levels throughout 2021.4 This contributes to home affordability even in markets where homes might otherwise be considered overpriced. These low-interest rates should keep the market lively and moving forward for the foreseeable future.

Effects of low inventory

Continuing low inventory is another reason for higher-than-average home prices in many markets.5 This should gradually ease as an aggressive vaccination rollout and continuing buyer demand drive more homeowners to move forward with long-delayed sales plans and as new home construction increases to meet demand.6



Aren’t some markets and sectors looking particularly weak?


One of the big stories of 2020 was a mass exodus from attached home communities and high-priced urban areas as both young professionals and families fled to the larger square footage and wide-open spaces of suburban and rural markets. This trend was reinforced by work-from-home policies that became permanent at some of the country’s biggest companies.


Speculation then turned to the death of cities and the end of the condo market. However, it appears that rumors of the demise of these two residential sectors have been greatly exaggerated. 


With the first vaccine rollouts, renters have begun returning to major urban centers, attracted by the sudden rise in available inventory and newly discounted rental rates.7 In addition, buyers who were previously laser-focused on a single-family home responded to tight inventory by taking a second look at condos.8 While nationwide condo prices continue to lag behind those of detached homes, they’ve still seen significant price increases and days on market reductions year over year.


In addition to these improvements, the 2020 migration has spread the economic wealth to distant suburban and rural enclaves that normally don’t benefit from increases in home values or an influx of new investment. As many of these new residents set up housekeeping in their rural retreats, they’ll revitalize the economies of their adopted communities for years to come.



How has COVID affected the “seasonal” real estate market?


Frequently, the real estate market is seen as a seasonal phenomenon. However, the widespread shutdowns in March 2020, coming right at the beginning of the market’s growth cycle in many areas, has led to a protracted, seemingly endless “hot spring market.”


While Fannie Mae’s chief economist Douglas Duncan predicts slower growth from 2020’s historic numbers, the outlook overall is positive as we embark on the 2021 spring selling cycle.9 Duncan anticipates an additional lift in the second half of 2021 as buyers return to business as usual and look to put some of their pandemic savings to work for a down payment. Thus we could be looking at another longer-than-usual, white-hot real estate market.



How will a Biden administration affect the real estate market?


Projected policy around housing promises to be a boost to the real estate market in many cases.10 While some real estate investors bemoan proposed changes to 1031 Exchanges, the Biden plan for a $15,000 first-time homebuyer tax credit aims to increase affordability and bring eager new home buyers into the market. In addition, Biden-proposed policy pinpoints low inventory as a primary driver of unsustainable home values and is geared toward more affordability through investments in construction and refurbishment.


Overall, according to most indicators, the real estate news looks overwhelmingly positive throughout the rest of 2021 and possibly beyond. Pent-up demand and consumer-driven policies, along with a continued low-interest-rate environment and rising inventory, should help homeowners hold on to their increased equity without throwing the market out of balance. In addition, the increase in long-term work-from-home policies promises to give a boost to a wide variety of markets, both now and in the years to come.  




While economic indicators and trends are national, real estate is local. We’re here to answer your questions and help you understand what’s happening in your neighborhood. Reach out to learn how these larger movements affect our local market and your home’s value. 




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